Thom Sequoia performs live as guest artist for West Coast Songwriters association at Historic Freight & Salvage, Berkely, CA

Hey, thanks for checking out my touring page. I’m kinda taking a break at the moment, trying to get some recording in, and working on some new songs for the video game Echoes of Aeons.





Echoes of Aeons original soundtrack. Kickstarter project release



Freight & Salvage – Guest Artist for     –     Berkley, Ca
West Coast Songwriters Association

Sundance Resort / Tree Room     –     Sundance, UT

Noni International Cafe     –     Provo, UT

McHenry’s Grill / Deer Valley Resort     –     Deer Valley, UT

The Homestead Resort     –     Midway, UT

Pier 39     –     San Francisco, CA

Santa Cruz Boardwalk     –     Santa Cruz, CA

Fisherman’s Wharf     –     Monterey, CA

Hidden Valley Ranch     –     CA

SAW – Songwriters Association Of Washington     –     Herndon, VA

America’s Freedom Festival     –     Provo, UT

Utah County Fair     –     Spanish Fork, UT

Art City Days Festival     –     Springville, UT

OremFest     –     Orem, UT

Velour     –     Provo, UT

Movies & Music In The Arts Park    –     Springville, UT

Novell Hard Disk Café Concert Series     –     Provo, UT

Park City Starbucks Café     –     Park City, UT

Main Street Garden Terrace     –     Park City, UT

Milletti’s     –     Park City, UT

California Arts Project     –      Los Gatos, CA

Sparks Downtown Plaza     –     Sparks (Reno), NV

Rochester Park     –     Rochester, NY

Marriot Hotel     –     Reston, VA

Germantown Festival     –     Germantown, MD

Spring Arts Park Amphitheatre     –     Springville, UT

Billings Theatre     –     Billings, MT

Mission Santa Barbara     –     Santa Barbara, CA

Disneyland     –     Anaheim, CA

Mt. Timpanogos Trail     –     Mt. Timponogos, UT

Ricks College     –     Rexburg, ID

The Pizza Place     –     Rexburg, ID

BYU /Wilkenson Center     –     Provo, UT

BYU Pardoe Theatre     – Provo, UT

Heritage Music Performing Songwriter Series     –     Orem, UT

Chamber of Commerce Installation Gala     –     Springville, UT

Jackson Hole Resort     –     Jackson, WY

Ocean Plaza     –     Carmel, CA

Mission Bay Boardwalk     –     San Diego, CA

Tim’s Cabin     –     Orcas Island, WA

Seattle Harbor Plaza     –     Seattle, WA

Dawson’s By The Creek      –     Walnut Creek, CA

Carols By Christmas Light Benefit Concert     –     Orem, UT
Utah Valley State College Grand Ballroom

An AcoustiHouse Christmas     –     Springville, UT

Barnes & Noble     –     various

Borders Books & Music     –     various

Portland Sheraton     –     Portland, OR

Santa Cruz Coffeehouse     –     Santa Cruz, CA

Quail Hollow Ranch     –     Felton, CA

Renca Chapel     –     Santiago, Chile

Arica City     –     Arica, Chile

1st Presbyterian Church     –     Fremont, CA

Mama’s Café     –     Provo, UT

Pioneer Day Music Festival     –     Orem, UT

Great Salt Lake Guitar Co.     –     Provo, UT

BYU Pardoe Theatre / Songwriter Showcase     –     Provo, UT

Trolley Square     –     SLC, UT

Highland House Concert     –     Highland, UT

Park Meadows Clubhouse     –     Park Meadows, UT

Egyptian Theatre     –     Park City, UT

Crimson Underground at the Union     –     SLC, UT
University of Utah Campus

Glorietta Bay Inn     –     Coronado Island, CA

Hotel Del Coronado     –     Coronado Island, CA

Read Leaf Bookstore     –     Springville, UT

Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market     –     Santa Cruz, CA

Dalton’s Fine Dining / Hickory Kist     –     Payson, UT

Walmart Annual Party     –     Utah

RC Willey Annual Party     –     Utah