Santa Cruz - Thom Sequoia Balancing Guitar

Thom Sequoia Performs as guest performer for the West Coast Songwriters Association - at historic Freight & Salvage, Berkely, CA

Roof Crew - Hollywood, Wildman, and Ace - Klammath Falls, OR

Thom Sequoia performs at Americas Freedom Festival, Provo, UT

Thom Sequoia - Summer Concerts on the Lawn - Homestead Resort featured Performer

On Wildmans Porch - Thom Sequoia in earlier days - Orcas Island, WA

The Sand and The Foam - Thom Sequoia - Monterey, CA

Ocean Blue - Thom Sequoia

Thom Sequoia guitars - Guild D-25 1972, Taylor CE 325 1998

Kimi and Zorro - River & Pine

Thom Sequoia - Provo River in the Fall

The casual lean! Ha! Fall 2009 - Heber, UT

Thom Sequoia and sons Jordan, and Joshua, way back when they were little - Yosemite, CA

Thom Sequoia & his trusty doggy Zorro - Utah winter

Zorro the Infamous! (Border Collie / Papillon Mix)

Thomas, Sully, and Zorro

Thom Sequoia 2009 with his Performing Arts teacher from High School, Mrs. Linda Jackson, at Valhalla - Irvington H.S., Fremont, CA

Me & The Boys of VDC 2009 - In The Redwoods

The Coons in the Redwoods - oh, the Racoons!

VDC 1998 - Orcas Island - Left to Right: Neil "Hollywood" Burkhart, Thom "Ace" Sequoia, Kyle "Duece" Dawson, Kenny "Nostalgia" Centers, and Tim "Wildman" Tyree.

Young mugs ..or thugs....with guns on the range - VDC reaaallly early days (minus Wildman) - Duece, Nos, Hollywood, and Ace