“As a performing Singer / Songwriter, with an ever growing audience of fans, Thom’s quick smile belies the slow brewing blend of backroom antidote from which his songs and genre jumping performances are concocted.”

“With an enticing brand of acoustic driven contemporary folk, and over 100 songs to his credit, Thom draws from a unique blend of styles  and influences as diverse as folk, americana, country, new age, jazz, euro-folk, world, blues, pop and southern rock.  From multiple open tunings, capo mischief, and harmonic slappings, to soaring melodies, driving chords, and delicate finger styles, Thom’s highly praised instrumental skill serves up a panoramic backdrop to Thom’s lyrical prowess, and Tenor vocal renderings.

“At once both storyteller, balladeer, and social commentator – with a telling honesty of the human condition and a prosaic delivery – Thom Sequoia is a voice poised to make a mark on the songwriter / performer  circuit” .

“If accolades have a list of names to coddle, it won’t be long before Thom Sequoia’s name is on them!”

The Springville Herald


Thom Sequoia Bio

The first song Thomas ever composed was called The Dragon & The Butterfly.  It consisted of light airy trills on the upper register of the piano, and loud banging bass notes at the bottom, with some occasional vocal croaking thrown in for good measure.  A story went with it – something about the dragon chasing the butterfly – Thom was four.

At age six, he received a child’s country western guitar for Christmas. The banging continued.

By 8 yrs. old Thom had begun singing in choirs, including solo features in front of audiences, and by ten received his first formal training playing percussion and drums in the band and orchestra, including bells, chimes, timphanys, cymbals, and xylaphone.  By 15  yrs. old Thom sat down with a Mel Bay chord book and a guitar from his Dad, and became self taught on piano and guitar, and soon after began songwriting in earnest.

Since then he has not looked back. The croaking and banging still continue.

He was born and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and gained a love and affinity for nature, being in striking distance to the forests, mountains, wildlife, and beaches of Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and Monterey. His parents and family were avid campers and explorer’s, and by age 14 he had traveled across the US several times by car, and the Western United States numerous times as well, with Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Mount Shasta being regular stomping grounds each year.

The youngest of five children, and having a family of vociferous music lovers, Thom’s early music influences were all over the board, from rock, to country western, to blues, folk, and just about every place in between. Early favorites were The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Santana, Lynyrd Skynard, Dan Fogelberg, Eagles, Styx, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Boston, and many more.

At age 16 he was in the 3 man rock band Electric Shock and won first place in a band contest including groups from the greater San Francisco Bay area that were older and more experienced. As a result they were featured on the live San Fransisco radio program Sounds Around playing original songs as well as a few rock covers, and were recorded in a professional San Francisco recording studio.

In college Thom studied the music industry, English composition and writing, music theory and composition, and majored in Musical /Dance/Theatre, switching later to Creative Advertising and Marketing.  In high school and college, Thom performed lead roles in several theatre productions, and also toured the Western United States as part of several different vocal and dance groups.

As an adult, Thom has worked in media and design, and also worked in radio as a producer, programmer, and DJ, hosting several different music shows, including Sounds of Sunday, The New-Aging-Thing and All That Jazz showSunday Folk, and Eye On The Arts. He also worked many years in records and books retail management, for companies such as Barnes & Noble, and FYE (Camelot) Music, and is the founder of several business and arts ventures, including AcoustiHouse.com, and IndieallStars.com.

Thom was also on the Executive Team for the online music evolutionary company Apeus.com, and worked as VP Music Operations and A&R.

Thom’s preferred instrument is the guitar, though he also composes on the piano as well, and doodles on other stringed and percussive instruments.  He has lived in California, Washington, Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Chile, and Utah, and has performed in many states throughout the US.