When I started this blog 2 moths ago, I had an Alexa ranking of 20,000,000. Alexa is an Internet data collection site that ranks U.S. and worldwide websites based on traffic (scaling across a 3 month peroid).

It is estimated that the total number of published websites in the world (including blogs) is around 350 million and climbing.  As of today my website for this blog ranking was at 1,022,984 worldwide, and 231,750 U.S..

HELP ME BREAK INTO THE TOP 1 MILLION!  All it will probably take to break into the top 1 million this week, is for you to tell one friend to click on the link to my site, and click there yourself once this week.

Granted, top 1 million in the world is a small accomplishment. It certainly isn’t top 10, or top 1000, or even top 100,000. But it is still in the top 3% of all websites existing.

So while your there, please enjoy my 3 new video’s posted. If you like any of the songs on the videos, let me know, as I’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Thanks for your friendship – Thom Sequoia