Changes They are A Coming

Thom Sequoia: Night of the Eagle Feather - 2010

Thom Sequoia: Night of the Eagle Feather – 2010
















Ah yes, well….ummmm. Hi Everyone. Recently I finally decided it was time to get my rear in gear again and do something musical. I was guitar teaching for a year and a half, but I actually hadn’t been performing for about 4-5 years.

I also haven’t promoted or organized a concerts series or festival in about the same time frame.

Sooo….. I am now performing weekly at Potbelly Sandwiches in Orem on Thu nights, Fri lunch and dinner, and Sat nights. I will also be hosting an Open Mic sponsored by my Concert Company AcoustiHouse Concerts, and By Potbelly. Any musician or Singer-Songwriter can come perform on the first 3 Saturdays in November 2015, from 7-9pm. Sign up starts at 6:30pm.

Working heavily on 2 projects. The first will be a solo album and concert Tour, with a Kickstarter Project to launch it planned for Jan 2016.

Next is picking up where I left off and finishing composing the OST for the upcomo]ing Game release of “Echoes Of Aeons”

Thanks all for your continued support!

Lyrics to Song performed at Homestead Resort Summer Concert Series – Song: Barrels, Blossoms, & Porch Lights by Thom Sequoia

TS Homestead 2 May 2010













Setting wheels doin’ 60, onto South 84
Got my back to Boston, where my mother was born,
Must have hit every town, from Holyoke to the Cohasset shore.

Then it’s on to Philly, and another go round,
And the lines keep on coming, but I can’t stop the sound,
Of a six string guitar, and these songs that are running thru my veins.

And some lucky hearts, have learned to settle down,
Mine keeps trying to fly, though I’m tied to the ground,
and the road is like a pirate, that waylays your sails on down.

The shipyards they toil, and the skyscrapers rise,
And the years go in circles, ‘neath these travelers eyes,
And my heart’s getting harder, but sometimes I cry.

And then I remember the trees on that road,
and barrels and blossoms and porch lights, tell me I’m home
Oh and then I remember, that old rocking chair,
and barrels and blossoms and porch lights, tell me I’m there

Heading westbound on 90, there’s a fire on the plains,
Dakota sunset, ‘cross the badlands is fading,
Then it’s on to Seattle, Portland, and down to Santa Cruz.

In the desert the wind, thru the Joshua tree blows,
And the Riley bird sings, and the Sullyberries grow,
And off in the Holy land, the Jordan river flows,

And this voice must have sung, every song unreconciled,
And these fingers tried to dance, every fingerstyle,
And the chords strike the heartlands and go on, for miles and miles,
and miles and miles.

The shipyards they toil, and the skyscrapers rise,
And the years go in circles, ‘neath these travelers eyes,
And my heart’s getting harder, but sometimes I cry. 

And then I remember the trees on that road,
and barrels and blossoms and porch lights, tell me I’m home
And the fog on the beaches, lights on the shore
And barrels and blossoms and porch lights, tell me there’s more.

Barrels and blossoms and porch lights, barrels and blossoms and porch lights
Barrels and blossoms and porch lights, bring me back home

Christmas 2014

Wishing the Best Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all!

Cool Gaming news for Echoes of Aeons

mage citadel

Alchemia Studios – the creators of the awesome upcoming game release Echoes Of Aeons for Apple iOS devices and possibly Google apps as well, has negotiated and been in contact with a premiere game publisher that contacted them to publish their game on the iOS platform. I can’t disclose yet any names or details, but this is cool stuff.

The publisher has successfully published multiple titles featured on iTunes and Apple store, etc.. Meanwhile, I have composed about 45 possible songs for the game, with 2 recent compositions added to the game demo that was submitted to the publisher.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the music. The artwork on the game is mostly done as first roughs. The game is being pieced together in the game engine. Artists and developers Joshua and Jordan Kratochvil are hard at work.

Game will most likely be out and released in 2013. Thanks for all those who have given me feedback on the game music through my blog and through kickstarter.

Still trying to decide on music publishing name for my game music. …Gamefinitive Music?

Gamepoop…..ah,such decisions…ha, ha

Thom Sequoia composer for Echoes of Aeons video game – 11 new tracks!

Where have you been? You didn’t know I was posting 11 tracks for the video game Echoes of Aeons?

How Could You?  Not?  Know?

Oh, I is so heart broken!  Have no fear, you can check it out here!

And while your at it, please make a pledge and support the making of the game on our kickstarter fundraiser project here…  (A $15 pledge gets you a copy of the game and a Pre-OST 15 track CD of music from the game)

Thom Sequoia – New Music for Video Game Echoes of Aeons OST

Composer Thom Sequoia at Provo Canyon River

Hello! Well, as some of you know I took a break from vocal acoustic performing……and from setting up festivals and music events with my AcoustiHouse concert business….for a little over a year now!

But! I have not been idle. My super talented IT/Artist sons Jordan and Joshua created a game studio: Alchimia Studios.   and I have been composing an Original Soundtrack (OST) score for the game. I have about 38 songs written, 30 finished, and 15 mastered.

We have also launched a kickstarter project page to help get the word out and assist with funding the game. The game is called Echoes of Aeons, and I am also helping write the story and dialogue, and doing some marketing for the game. Please go check it out and maybe make a pledge to support the game here:

You can listen there to the video at the top of the page, and also to some of the music tracks from the OST included on the kickstarter project page (about halfway down the page).

You can pick up the Kickstarter special addition digital CD of 15 tracks by going to the kickstarter page and pledging $18.  This will also give you a copy of the game for your choice of mobile platform.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for your support! – Thom

Hi! Hello! How youz doin?

Thom Sequoia into the forest










Soze I was thinkin. Ya know. Real Hard thinkin. And I figured …..why I auhta…….Add some life to dis here Blog.

Vive La Vida Loca….ya know?  So I think I’m a gonna add some cool video’s I been storin up here real soon.I got one with me on lead acoustic guitar, the famous Carlos Reyes on Fiddle, and the illustrious Carolyn Miller on guitar and vocal, all doin a trio of sorts – impromptu, improv…’s cool, I tell ya.

Now just hold them there horses….it’s a comin….it’s a comin already!!!!!