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Hi! Hello! How youz doin?

Thom Sequoia into the forest










Soze I was thinkin. Ya know. Real Hard thinkin. And I figured …..why I auhta…….Add some life to dis here Blog.

Vive La Vida Loca….ya know?  So I think I’m a gonna add some cool video’s I been storin up here real soon.I got one with me on lead acoustic guitar, the famous Carlos Reyes on Fiddle, and the illustrious Carolyn Miller on guitar and vocal, all doin a trio of sorts – impromptu, improv…’s cool, I tell ya.

Now just hold them there horses….it’s a comin….it’s a comin already!!!!!

Two Things every soul needs

Thom Sequoia: Night of the Eagle Feather - 2010


There are two things that every soul truly needs…

Two things every living being should not have to do without.


In a perfect world no child should ever have to be abused. And parents
should simply get over themselves, and spend some quality time with their children. Laugh, play, read, hug, and most of all tell your children you love them. Your love for them is not based on how well they live up to
your expectations. It is your chance to serve another soul. Your chance to love and give of yourself freely. Without a price.

And that includes changing diapers, getting up in the middle of the night. Soothing a crying child. Teaching rules and guidelines with compassion but firmness. Not allowing the so called generation gap to slip between you and your teenager, even if drugs are involved. (But never physical abuse. Cause that’s just you trying to say you’re in control of the world…..and your probably not….at least as far as causality is concerned).

Let me say that again parents (especially parents of teenagers or older children).

Your love for them should not be based on how well they live up to your expectations.

How many adult lives are scarred because of that simple principle not put in play when they themselves were children?

O.K. parents. And now the dreaded fear some of you have embedded into your craniums. How hard is it to say those words…”I love you”. Damn we put a lot of conditionals into that, don’t we? But geese, when you were single, and looking for true love…to be in love….it might have been hard to say at first. But most lovers get used to that and go ahead and take the plunge. But being in love, vs. loving someone, especially your child….it’s a different thing.

Would you who don’t say those words to your children, believe me if I told you that you can change?

Step 1:  Say it right now out loud. to no one in particular. Say it again.

Step 2:  Now practice some more, and get ready, cause your gonna figure out who you love and have not told in awhile. Start with your children, and then just go say something simple like this, ‘Hey, I know I don’t say it much, but I think you are a talented person, and I love you.”

Step 3:  You are not doing this to try and get a response! It’s o.k. to not get one at first.

Step 4:  Now go and do it some more. It doesn’t have to be every day. It doesn’t have to be overbearing. Life is short or long, and sometimes the earth, or causality, or an accident, or a disease, or twin towers falling in an act of terrorism, can simply take us or our loved ones away in a moment of time.

Step 5:  Say it enough (no grudges now), that if you or your child were to pass on from this mortal illusion, that they or you could look back and say “at least I know they knew I loved them!”

And that’s it! Bam! It’s like a get rich quick scheme, only both of you are enriched, and the measure of wealth here is not in little green papers.

Step 6: Oh you thought I was done, eh? Well, no… you have to figure out who else in your life you need to tell them you love them. Spouse? Girlfriend/boyfriend? Your parents? Grandparents? Brothers or sisters? Cousins, aunts, or uncles? Friends? How bout just a hug and a kind word to someone in need?

Now don’t go crazy on me here. I’m not advocating becoming an extremist. A needy love crazy. All things with moderation, ya know? But hey, we only live 3 times. So let’s make the best, and express love in proportion, without expectation of return.

I promise you if you do this, right now……..this week… will feel pretty good for conquering this mental mountain some of us have let slip in our material pathway.


Did you think I’d forgotten?  Well, o.k., the second thing may not really be something every soul needs, but it sure can’t hurt.

And that is a nice massage. Yep, if ja gotz sumun special, with great hands, get em ta give ya a smooth, ache releasing massage! Or maybe just sit in one of those great massage chairs.

Oh, and for you existencial types, ethereal entities, or adamant religiosos, you can just get a metaphorical massage….a soul lift…….a peace palpatation….if you will.

Be good…love ya – Tommy

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas!

Mi hijo se nacio……oops. English please. Por que ingles, mis amigos gigante? Pues, no puedo esspressar mis felicitaciones……

Oh. Oh yeah. Got sidetracked there. Did I ever mention that I really like Christmas?

I mean, I love the manger scene. It’s soothing. I like the idea of baby Jesus, and the sheperds, and the cattle all lowing in the field. (Lowing?)

And dig that Joseph dude all hooking up a manger for his chick Mary. I mean, if theres no room at the Inn, well then….

And though I hate the endless crowds hording the streets and parking lots to buy their costly gifts, I kinda like that too….briefly….just to see it again……once a year or so.

And I really like the christmas tree…..fresh…..pine……..smellling……lovely.

Oh I know, some of you will say I helped kill a tree…..but I have never been quite able to get into an artificial tree……cause it’s so…..artificial!

May you and yours have the best holiday ever! I’m sure gonna try, to see if reindeer really know how to fly…..and so I’m offering……ha!

Happy birthday to my sons Riley (16 today), and Joshua (22 on Dec 21). Were gonna go out tomorrow and celebrate – gonna party like theres no Easter Bunny!

Yuletide carols being sung by the fire…..and folks dressed up like eskimo’s, everbody knows…….

A small gesture

So after my last post, I sort of took my own advice.

Now I debated whether to tell this story.  Because, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back. More like I wanted to share the feeling of this. And with Christmas coming and all…..well, you know. Don’t ya?

So I needed to run to the library the other morning in Provo.  I was ten minutes early, before they opened. So I was sitting in my mini van, and an old woman rolled by in a wheel chair, down the access ramp, and into a side concrete area. She pulled out what looked like a morsel to eat. She was dressed in grey, had one missing leg with a false leg instead, was wrapped in older worn coats, had two different shoes on, a few shopping bags hanging from her wheelchair, and well… get it, right? She looked homeless.

It was cold out, and I thought to myself, should I just sit here, or maybe go say hello.  I also wanted to give her some money, since she may be in need. I didn’t have any on me, so I ran to an ATM.

When I got back, the Library still wan’t open, and she was still in the same spot. I walked up to her and said hello. We talked for maybe ten minutes. I asked her if she had a home. She said she was working on that, but that the shelter had some new transient housing funding that might be coming through soon. I asked her if I could give her some money, though it wasn’t very much at all. She was very appreciative.

Once when I was young and lived in San Diego with my roomates Craig and Phil, in college days, I took a homeless stranger home for the night to our apartment. That didn’t go over to well. You know, there are safety issues to think about, etc.

I wished I could do more for this woman. What I did was really not much, just a small gesture. But it felt good to just do something, ya know?

So we went into the library together, me walking, and her pushing her own wheelchair wheels. We said goodbye, and went to our seperate tasks.

Now the only reason I brought this up to tell you, is because it gave me a good feeling to do something, anything, even if it was just a small gesture.

My two oldest sons recently helped me get my computer running again, after it crashed 3 weeks ago. that also is a small gesture of their time to help me where I was unable to. I am appreciative of that.

May you find a way to give of yourself in some small way or gesture over the next few weeks before Christmas, when we celebrate Jesus birth along with Santa’s gifting.  It really does feel good.

Chao bello!

O.K., Im back. So come on over…

Thom Sequoia - Summer 2010 - Which the Prince and which the frog?


Oh heya!  Just stepped out for a bite to eat, and a quick nap…..3 months ago……since my last little bloggy post, ya know?

What ya been doin since I was gone?  I hope you’ve been breathing in the fresh air and sunshine. Did you go for a walk in the woods? Stop to watch a bird, or a snail, or a tiny insect? Maybe took in a mental picture of a majestic mountain that’s been there for about a million and one years, or stopped to notice the mighty roar of the ocean heaving it’s waves on the beach and rocky crags – in and out go the daily tides, pulled by the lull of a waxing moon.

A speck of a speck on the vast river of time you say? Why I do agree! So stop making excuses and GO DO WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WANTING TO DO, but have only been stopped by your belief in your own limitations. Who says that even exists? Maybe just trying something is succeeding… know, the journey is the destination and all that rot! I’ll root for you. And I’ll try and do what only fear has been preventing me from doing. What have we got to lose, anyway?

Let’s go do it baby! and have fun while were at it!

California Road Trip!

Brothers and sisters - from left to right: sister Sue, bother Robert, sister Kathie, me (Thomas), sister Cheryl, and cousin Carolyn.

Wait….Can it be considered a road trip if part of the trip was airborn?  I mean I did drive 50 miles from Springville to Salt Lake City. And then flew to San Jose. Then me and Kathie drove to Benecia. From there it was a drive to Placerville. Then to concord, and on to Felton / Santa Cruz. Finally back to San Jose airport, and then fly back to Utah. About 500 miles driving All in four days. What a blast!

Thom Sequoia On The Road

So the story is something like this: Went home to California last week. All my siblings – my brother and 3 sisters – were all together in one place for the first time in 8 years. Also got together with many cousins, second cousins, and relatives on my Mom’s side of the family – The Miller’s – which we haven’t done since……well pretty much never. My mom was the youngest of  7 siblings. I was the youngest of 5 children. So most of my cousins remember me – if at all – as little Tommy, running around between the legs and whatever else little tikes like me used to do. In fact the last time I saw relatives on my Mom’s side of the family, was at her funeral many years back now. I was 14.

But thanks to cousin Earl, he invited the family to come celebrate his 60th birthday in Benecia last week. Since he is the founder of, every year they hold a fundraiser. This year, it was a great 60’s bash held at the clock tower building. There was much music and mingling to be had! Earl has done an amazing job over the last 18 years helping people with drug and alcohol addiction.

Earl is also a writer, and writes for The Weekender magazine.

Earl Miller announces at 60's bash - Benecia Clock Tower

Earl Miller prepares to tackle the problem - whatever it may be - while the Miller cousinry and family looks on

To all my family, cousins,  second cousins, and significant others – thanks so much for a wonderful time, and a fantastic Friday night shindig, and Saturday afternoon BBQ. It was wonderful to catch up with all of you. I’m amazed we haven’t done it sooner. And thanks to those who came from other states – John from New Hampshire, Janice from Nevada, Ronnie and Emelia from Florida; Carolyn, Bob, and Vida from SoCal; Sue, Kath, Cheryl and Dan from NoCal; and anyone else I’ve failed to mention.

Thanks also to Jane Cooper Miller for all the unnoticed hard work and preparation that went into the BBQ shindig, and opening her house up to all of us! And to the doggies, who duly sniffed out the soles ….er….souls…..of all present.

Thom Sequoia in front of Inn in Placerville, CA

Of course no adventure would be complete without a little jammin – so thanks to cousin Carolyn Miller (a professional performer down in the SoCal area), and Carlos Reyes (famed instrumentalist), for the impromptu session in front of the miller family and friends audience of 35-40 or so. We played some covers of Dan Fogelberg, Beatles, James Taylor, and John Denver. We slid into Route 66. I played some originals, as well as did Carol. And Carlos gave us all some schooling in a medly or two on the auto harp.

(I’m sure some video footage will be forthcoming!)

Thom Sequoia and Carlos Reyes playing Fire And Rain by James Taylor

Carlos Reyes, Thom Sequoia, and Carolyn Miller jammin on Route 66

P.S. Thanks Duece for coming and enjoying the evening with me and my fam. on Friday night. And tell Kim thanks for letting you out of your cage. (you beast, you).

Kyle "Duece" Dawson at 60's bash..."It's all in the teeth baby", he said, most probably promoting his future appearance on a Myth Busters episode of tensile bite strength

Mothers day brunch in Placerville - Thom, Susan, Carol, April, Joe, and their little ray of sunshine Emily. (and Kathie taking photo)

Thom Sequoia and sister Susan near Benecia Bay California

Clouds touch down in Scotts Valley - Santa Cruz Mountains. "Stop, hey what's that sound, everybody look what's goin round..."

Yo Facebook

Recently a great friend and old roommate from college – Doug Carey- found me on Facebook. We were roommates at Ricks college in Idaho, an undisclosed number of years back into early American History…..

He’s from Ft Collins, CO, and I’m from the Bay Area, CA.
Crazily, we discovered that we now live a mile from each other in Springville, UT. we’d both looked for each other on and off through the years.

Doug and I got together a few times in the last month, and he reminded me of our nicknames. I remember calling him Dougy Deranged, but had forgotten he’d called me Tommy Zero. We used to pretend we were rock stars for fun, striking obnoxious rock star poses. Thus the names.

We even wrote a rock song, called Your Love Is Like A Nuclear Waste.
Dougy wrote the lyrics, and I put chords and helped put melody to it.

Somehow the song never quite made it into Glam rock fame, and neither did we!

Yo facebook, thanks for bringing back another friend into my life from the past.
(oh, and thanks to you to Dougy for thinking of me. You rock brother!)