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Hello from Alderon: Summer Music Is In The Air!


Well hello there from Alderon!

May the 4th be with you has come and gone, and so has 4/20.
But for me, it’s Major Tom to ground control!

The next 2 months will be busy. I am going to be releasing some video and audio tracks
for several projects. ┬áThe OST I am composing for the video game “Echoes of Aeons”
is coming along, and a new website is under construction for it at
Jordan and Joshua Kratochvil are hard at work getting the game ready for release in the near
future. I will have a music page on the site with some tracks up soon. They will have a booth
for the game at PAX in Seattle in September 2016, and I will attend.

In the next 6 weeks I will be posting some covers for my side project: Thom Sequoia – Under The Covers.

I will also be recording some acoustic sessions both on video and audio: Thom Sequoia – Acoustic Sessions at Art City Sound.

These both will be to support my Kickstarter launch for Thom Sequoia debut album release, which will probably happen around June 21, 2016, on the Summer Solstice. I would love for all my friends and fans to join me and help me raise the funds needed to make the album and tour happen!

Lastly, it’s my 20th year doing concert promotions for my part time company project AcoustiHouse Concerts. You can check out the new website at It is about 3/4 done!

I will start posting weekly! Remember to keep supporting Independent musicians everywhere!

Cool Gaming news for Echoes of Aeons

mage citadel

Alchemia Studios – the creators of the awesome upcoming game release Echoes Of Aeons for Apple iOS devices and possibly Google apps as well, has negotiated and been in contact with a premiere game publisher that contacted them to publish their game on the iOS platform. I can’t disclose yet any names or details, but this is cool stuff.

The publisher has successfully published multiple titles featured on iTunes and Apple store, etc.. Meanwhile, I have composed about 45 possible songs for the game, with 2 recent compositions added to the game demo that was submitted to the publisher.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the music. The artwork on the game is mostly done as first roughs. The game is being pieced together in the game engine. Artists and developers Joshua and Jordan Kratochvil are hard at work.

Game will most likely be out and released in 2013. Thanks for all those who have given me feedback on the game music through my blog and through kickstarter.

Still trying to decide on music publishing name for my game music. …Gamefinitive Music?

Gamepoop…..ah,such decisions…ha, ha