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Guitar Center Lessons – Open House Music Workshops

12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
In conjunction with Acoustihouse concerts, and Host Thom Sequoia –
Guitar Center presents the Lessons Open House Music Workshops, including Free jumpstart lessons.


LESSONS OPEN HOUSE 10-19-19 - 11x17

Thom Sequoia & AcoustiHouse 2010 Projects

Thanks to all who keep coming back and checking this blog. I want to apologize for not putting in more entries in the last 6 weeks. when I first put up this blog back in September (seems like yesterday), I made a goal to post at least once a week. I was doing so good up until about mid January.

Well, I’ve been sick the last week with a sinus infection. Before that, been working a part time job doing phone consulting / customer support, and of course working on my music and internet marketing businesses full time.

Project updates:

Utah Music Fest – slow but steady. will be spending much more time on this project in March and April, which looks to be set in August 2010. Big shindig with lots of Utah musicians, 2-3 day festival, etc.

AcoustiHouse Productions – Starting to plan and set up the summer events I’ll be producing this year. Invites to bands and artists will be coming in the next 2 months as well. Start-ups – Upztart is my flagship company that develops my eBiz and entrepreneurial endeavors. I’ve been spending mucho tiempo on the internet websites and packages for my internet marketing brands. Essentially these are how to’s for businesses on how to optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization), RMO (Relevancy Marketing Optimization), Social Media, Web 2.o, Linkbuilding and linkwheels, and monetize internet brands across multiple brand platforms. Hope to have these business ventures full steam ahead within the next 3-4 months. Including but not limited to….

Indie Mocha: Marketing packages for bands and musicians.

Web Juiced: For already established business owners and professionals, how to optimize the internet and increase traffic, and juice your web presence with revenue conversion.

Stealth Ninja Marketing: For entrepreneurs who wish to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing, ecommerce, and membership marketing

eBiz Entrepreneur Pros: Learn how to build blogs, websites, and brand extension sites for entrepreneurs, eccomerce, and affiliate marketers.

RMO Pros – all facets of Relevancy and SEO marketing for Corporations, increasing multi-million dollar revenues across multiple traffic generating platforms. – A source website I am building that gives the top ten listings of all websites, blogs, videos, and content sites on any popular topic.

IndieAll – a website that highlights the best independent bands and musicians worldwide, and through LCN’s (leveraged connective networking) enables added forms of revenue stream for those bands and musicians.

Of mention is also the Art City Music Fest. Don’t know to what capacity I will be involved this time around. The event will be on June 25, 26, 2010. I encourage all Utah musicians to participate. It will be a fun time. Yeah!

Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure…

It’s Saturday. And I’m busily doing research for my internet marketing start-up companies. I’m ever amazed at what info is out there if you dig deep enough. But the trick to optimizing your website, or your music, or your business, is really about knowing what to look for, and where to look. It also helps if someone can show the way.

Well, with any luck, I’ll have multiple packages up and running soon, that will greatly benefit artists, bands, labels, and venues, etc.

Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, why not listen to these great artists, three artists who I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with in the past through and …

Or howsa bout this video from The Silver Sun Pickups. They’ll be in concert with Muse who is coming to Utah on april 5th 2010.