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Aloft And Hurtling thru space (not hurling)

Yesterday, I was hurtling through space (because I like to hurtle), and the most amazing…

thing happened. I realized that unbeknownst to me, I was blasting through space and time at an amazing 67,000 miles per hour around the sun, all the while spinning out of control at close to 1000 mph!!! I know you’re wondering why I wasn’t on the news for such a feat! But I did this all while standing still. That is the Earth was doing all the work of spinning and hurtling – me, I just woke up, yawned, and rolled over in bed. (at speeds of 1000 mph….ha!)

I think I might just do it again tomorrow. Wanna come?

2009 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (or is that the beautifully challenged?)

In some ways 2009 was a great year for me, and other ways it wasn’t quite what I hoped for.

But watch out 2010, cause here I come! So many great projects coming this year, here’s 2009’s best for Thom Sequoia, and 2010’s plan to rule the world…..o.k., maybe just rule the little space here surrounding me….yuk, yuk.

2009 Great Stuff:
*  First and foremost, my wife and 4 sons are healthy with no major ailments, and through the good and the bad we are surviving! Love you Kim, Jordan, Joshua, Riley, and Sully!

*  Though my parents are both passed on, I hope they are smiling on a cushy celestial cloud. And by the way, while your up there, if you happen to run into the Almighty there’s a few things here on planet Earth I sure wish he’d fix, like…..oh, sorry, that’s for a different sort of blog all together!

*  God bless my brother and sisters, Susan, Robert, Kathie, Cheryl – love ya. It was great Read more…

Of Men & Mice

What – pray tell – is the difference between a pet mouse you buy in a pet store, and those little frisky critters that run around your house wild as they come in from the cold of winter to seek shelter?

One, we hold, and pet, and say how cute (some of us do anyway), the other we scream at and throw brooms!

Ah, the onset of winter has brought the wild little critters into my family abode, and alas Kim has me setting traps, because they do carry disease sometimes. So Once again – it’s the demise of the meeses – and probably rightly so.

But isn’t everything pretty much subject to our perspective – our world view? Do we see through a glass darkly? As Pilot famously asked Jesus, “what is truth?”.

so sometimes I think we are magnets to these little mice. They seem to like our family. Doesn’t matter if we move. Year after year. i could even say we are cursed! Why us? I hate killing things, including mice. why can’t we just get a break?

Or maybe that is the point! Who says it’s a curse? Isn’t that just a perspective? What if one of us in my family is really a pied piper? Or a Dr. doolittle? Maybe we send out a subsonic signal that only mice can hear, saying “Warm house. Good food. Apply within.”

When i was little, my mother Barbara always said I should become a vet, because animals were attracted to me, and dogs always seemed to like me – you know, like ones that would bite or bark at others would come up to me and sit in my lap. In fact, it still happens to me now.

Perspective. Probability.

If you could zoom out and see the block, would it show 250 mice in the neighborhood? 1000 mice in the fields? Biliions of mice on the planet? Don’t they all need a place to go?

We are only limited by our ability to see only what we think we see.

Mice, dogs, careers, prejudices, ego, wealth, poverty, religion, politics, conspiracies, kindness, selflessness.

Yes, I’ll have one of each please…

Thom Sequoia performs at Freight & Salvage

Thom Sequoia performs at Freight & Salvage

Yes, I’ll have one of each please…

For as long as I can remember, when I go to a restaurant to have a delicious dinner, something like this occurs:
Waiter: “Are you ready sir?”
Me: “Just a few more minutes”
5 minutes later….
“um, it all looks so good, do you have a sampler? Something with……say……one of each?”

O.K. – Maybe it’s not that bad. But I’m just one of those guys that likes to try a little of this, a little of that. I guess I’ve found I’m kinda the same when it comes to musical genres. There’s only a few genres I don’t like, and I’ll even listen to those once in awhile. I guess that’s why some of my songs are Pop Rock, some Blues, some Southern Rock, some Folk, some contemporary, some Acoustic or Americana….well you get the picture. But they all I guess end up sounding like me.

Sometimes I think that may not be the best approach for a musician to have too many influences. But in the end, the music I play and write comes from the ethereal muse in my head who….well…..likes lot’s of different kinds of music. Hopefully you will like my songs too.

Thom Sequoia & AcoustiHouse Summer Season over

Yep. It’s official!

Today i took a quick drive into the canyon and saw the leaves beginning to turn these majestic mountains of Utah.
The summer season has ended, and though I only organizxed two events in the last few months for my business AcoustiHouse Concert Productions, I just don’t have the time to work on local events as much lately, as I am busily working on my national music and marketing companies.

Art City Days saw me organizing a downtown Musicfest, with 9 performers, and a Songwriting and Music Industry workshop, near the beginning of June, 2009.
For the past 7 years I’ve been organizing a downtown stage of bands and artists of all genres that lasts 2-4 days. But this year due to budget constraints on the City, and construction on the City building – the traditional location of the Festival – it went to the Spring Arts Park instead, and only had evening main performers. Fortunately, I was invited to perform on the stage one of these nights.

Next up, from July 7 to Aug 24, 2009, I organized and booked artists and bands to perform at the free Movies and Music in the Arts Park. I also had the privelege to be the MC / Host of this weekly event. Attendance was around 500 per concert and movie.

My most recent performance was at Sub Zero last Saturday night in Provo, near the BYU campus.

I plan on playing live September 19, 2009, at Art City Coffee, for a quick musicino expresso! Bello mi amore!

Then it’s break till October while I finish recording some tracks for my upcoming CD release.