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Thom Sequoia composer for Echoes of Aeons video game – 11 new tracks!

Where have you been? You didn’t know I was posting 11 tracks for the video game Echoes of Aeons?

How Could You?  Not?  Know?

Oh, I is so heart broken!  Have no fear, you can check it out here!

And while your at it, please make a pledge and support the making of the game on our kickstarter fundraiser project here…  (A $15 pledge gets you a copy of the game and a Pre-OST 15 track CD of music from the game)

Thom Sequoia – New Music for Video Game Echoes of Aeons OST

Composer Thom Sequoia at Provo Canyon River

Hello! Well, as some of you know I took a break from vocal acoustic performing……and from setting up festivals and music events with my AcoustiHouse concert business….for a little over a year now!

But! I have not been idle. My super talented IT/Artist sons Jordan and Joshua created a game studio: Alchimia Studios.   and I have been composing an Original Soundtrack (OST) score for the game. I have about 38 songs written, 30 finished, and 15 mastered.

We have also launched a kickstarter project page to help get the word out and assist with funding the game. The game is called Echoes of Aeons, and I am also helping write the story and dialogue, and doing some marketing for the game. Please go check it out and maybe make a pledge to support the game here:

You can listen there to the video at the top of the page, and also to some of the music tracks from the OST included on the kickstarter project page (about halfway down the page).

You can pick up the Kickstarter special addition digital CD of 15 tracks by going to the kickstarter page and pledging $18.  This will also give you a copy of the game for your choice of mobile platform.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for your support! – Thom