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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas!

Mi hijo se nacio……oops. English please. Por que ingles, mis amigos gigante? Pues, no puedo esspressar mis felicitaciones……

Oh. Oh yeah. Got sidetracked there. Did I ever mention that I really like Christmas?

I mean, I love the manger scene. It’s soothing. I like the idea of baby Jesus, and the sheperds, and the cattle all lowing in the field. (Lowing?)

And dig that Joseph dude all hooking up a manger for his chick Mary. I mean, if theres no room at the Inn, well then….

And though I hate the endless crowds hording the streets and parking lots to buy their costly gifts, I kinda like that too….briefly….just to see it again……once a year or so.

And I really like the christmas tree…..fresh…..pine……..smellling……lovely.

Oh I know, some of you will say I helped kill a tree…..but I have never been quite able to get into an artificial tree……cause it’s so…..artificial!

May you and yours have the best holiday ever! I’m sure gonna try, to see if reindeer really know how to fly…..and so I’m offering……ha!

Happy birthday to my sons Riley (16 today), and Joshua (22 on Dec 21). Were gonna go out tomorrow and celebrate – gonna party like theres no Easter Bunny!

Yuletide carols being sung by the fire…..and folks dressed up like eskimo’s, everbody knows…….

A small gesture

So after my last post, I sort of took my own advice.

Now I debated whether to tell this story.  Because, I’m not trying to pat myself on the back. More like I wanted to share the feeling of this. And with Christmas coming and all…..well, you know. Don’t ya?

So I needed to run to the library the other morning in Provo.  I was ten minutes early, before they opened. So I was sitting in my mini van, and an old woman rolled by in a wheel chair, down the access ramp, and into a side concrete area. She pulled out what looked like a morsel to eat. She was dressed in grey, had one missing leg with a false leg instead, was wrapped in older worn coats, had two different shoes on, a few shopping bags hanging from her wheelchair, and well… get it, right? She looked homeless.

It was cold out, and I thought to myself, should I just sit here, or maybe go say hello.  I also wanted to give her some money, since she may be in need. I didn’t have any on me, so I ran to an ATM.

When I got back, the Library still wan’t open, and she was still in the same spot. I walked up to her and said hello. We talked for maybe ten minutes. I asked her if she had a home. She said she was working on that, but that the shelter had some new transient housing funding that might be coming through soon. I asked her if I could give her some money, though it wasn’t very much at all. She was very appreciative.

Once when I was young and lived in San Diego with my roomates Craig and Phil, in college days, I took a homeless stranger home for the night to our apartment. That didn’t go over to well. You know, there are safety issues to think about, etc.

I wished I could do more for this woman. What I did was really not much, just a small gesture. But it felt good to just do something, ya know?

So we went into the library together, me walking, and her pushing her own wheelchair wheels. We said goodbye, and went to our seperate tasks.

Now the only reason I brought this up to tell you, is because it gave me a good feeling to do something, anything, even if it was just a small gesture.

My two oldest sons recently helped me get my computer running again, after it crashed 3 weeks ago. that also is a small gesture of their time to help me where I was unable to. I am appreciative of that.

May you find a way to give of yourself in some small way or gesture over the next few weeks before Christmas, when we celebrate Jesus birth along with Santa’s gifting.  It really does feel good.

Chao bello!