I’ve been known to wander. Meander. Sort through the rift of tidal uncertainties that wash upon the shore of humanity.

Usually I try and have a pretty positive outlook on life, chance, and fate.  But lately I’ve been prone to complaining. Voicing my concerns to the Gods of air and Illusion, asking why things are a certain way.

Like why do people cut you off on the road, or speed up when they see you signal to try and get in their lane – courteously letting them know your intentions. Or why do people get mad at you and ride your bumper when you go the speed limit in the slow lane, and even though they have another lane to go around you faster if they choose, they’d rather ride your ass.

Now I’ve done some experimenting, and even though it can seem like these voratious road beasts are metal incarnate, death on wheels, uncaring transportational behemoths, spewing toxic venom from their tails, with nary a human form – I assure you that inside the belly of these beasts, is a human being driving this metal vehicle of mayhem. And inside this human is a bio brain and a heart of emotions.

So why the rudeness?

And what about bosses, or people in positions of power above you in the workplace, that somehow just can’t seem to go with the idea that if everyone is doing their job, well then things are good. Ya know, there doesn’t have to be TRAJEDY or DRAMA always cooking in the pot. Backstabbing? Rumor mills? Kissing ass?

Yes, these are my complaints.  So I guess I just need to get over it. I can’t change the world. But I can change my own perceptions. And I can try and do some kindness around me, rather than look for the bad.

And so can you. So please, be courteous to one another. And be kind. Or say something of praise to someone else around you. Besides, it makes it more fun on this hike through the forest of life if we all just treat each other with more respect and share some love! Yeah baby!