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Thom Sequoia website Upgrades

Heya, hiya, ho there Matey’s!

Thought I’d get off the old duff, and add some pages to the Website / Blog.  So here it is.

I’ve changed the theme, and added a TS Bio page, a Photo’s page, a Touring page, and a  Media & Quotes page.

Please peruse pervasively with penultimate parsnips and petunias present, no matter how preposterous or preponderous perchance it may seem!

Yo Facebook

Recently a great friend and old roommate from college – Doug Carey- found me on Facebook. We were roommates at Ricks college in Idaho, an undisclosed number of years back into early American History…..

He’s from Ft Collins, CO, and I’m from the Bay Area, CA.
Crazily, we discovered that we now live a mile from each other in Springville, UT. we’d both looked for each other on and off through the years.

Doug and I got together a few times in the last month, and he reminded me of our nicknames. I remember calling him Dougy Deranged, but had forgotten he’d called me Tommy Zero. We used to pretend we were rock stars for fun, striking obnoxious rock star poses. Thus the names.

We even wrote a rock song, called Your Love Is Like A Nuclear Waste.
Dougy wrote the lyrics, and I put chords and helped put melody to it.

Somehow the song never quite made it into Glam rock fame, and neither did we!

Yo facebook, thanks for bringing back another friend into my life from the past.
(oh, and thanks to you to Dougy for thinking of me. You rock brother!)

QUIET TEXAS – Video by Thom Sequoia

QUIET TEXAS – Video, Song, & Lyrics by Thom Sequoia


Wakes up her luck in a morning cup
At a stop somewhere near Aberdeen
Wades through the muck as she hails down a truck,
Tries remembering the last time she’s been

Tornado came and stole her name
Took everything that she’d ever owned
She survived, though her husband died,
And since then she’s been out on her own

Crosses the ranch like she’s been through this dance,
As she bridles the muscle and bone
Treats in the sack, runs her hands down his back,
Been a long time since she’s been gone

Saddles and reigns, and a gentle hand
She hopes he doesn’t throw a shoe
Sometimes the sky’s so tight, that you can’t breathe right,
And fate just falls right out of the blue
And she says

Quiet Texas, I can hear you calling my name
Quiet Texas, leaving me with nothing to blame
You can ride the wind, you can count your kin
You can even call it Old Mexico
But the desert sun, when it’s all said and done
Can leave you standing out in the cold
So quiet Texas

Now she understands, she’s been tied to this land,
And the Austin heat is in her veins
She’s been running for miles, gives her horse a smile,
Say’s come on Texas, let’s do it again

You can visit the past, but you can never go back,
Though memories just won’t let you let go
passion or strife, you know it’s zero to life,
And some stories just never get told
So Quiet Texas

Quiet Texas, I can hear you calling my name
Quiet Texas, leaving me with nothing to blame
You can ride the wind, you can count your kin
You can even call it Old Mexico
But the desert sun, when it’s all said and done
Can leave you standing out in the cold
So quiet Texas
Quiet Texas

Music & Lyrics  copyright Thom Sequoia

Easter – A Time For Remembering Jesus

Holidays are good. It’s nice to have holidays during the year, to celebrate different things about being human.

Easter no less so.   Aside from the candy (who was it that decided that most holidays also had to be surrounded by candy, anyway?).

Easter is really one of the 2 holidays that ask us to look towards the life of Jesus Christ. Whether you barely know the Christmas and Easter religious stories from the Bible, or if you are a devout believer or scholar, it’s Easter Sunday when we are asked to look inside ourselves at who we are, or who we might become, and emulate the characteristics and attributes of the Savior.  And remember the symbolic sacrifice of the Lamb of God, that Jesus took upon him the cross, and in the Garden of Gesthemene accepted the bitter cup of the Father and suffered for the sins of the world.

There are those that buy into that wholeheartedly. Others who are not quite willing to bite off the language of redemption. Or even the language of Christianity. But what if there really was a Savior. A Messiah. what if he really did have power over life, death, healing, the elements, miracles, etc.

Were always inventing TV shows, movies, Sci Fi fantasy books, and various media that gives the main characters some super human powers. It’s almost as if the human race is wanting to believe that we can go beyond the rules of the world, or the physics of the Universe. But what if there is a divine all-powerful entity out there. And what if he did send His son. And that son had power over the universe and life. I’d want to meet Him. Maybe learn how to go beyond our own limitations!

It’s doctrines and dogma that always trip us up. Make us start arguing about the way we see it. Or how one religion knows better than another religion. But celebrating Easter means celebrating the idea that Jesus, the proclaimed Son of the Father of Heaven, came to the earth, died on the cross, and on the 3rd day rose again from the grave, a resurrected being. and that is something no one can claim, or ever has claimed, other than Jesus. If it’s true, than Jesus himself promised that all mankind would also follow him in that resurrection process. To live again after death.

I’ve always wondered why humans are so afraid of the great unknown beyond mortality. I look forward to a realm of peace and love beyond the veil of this existence. Why not have that hope, when sometimes this world can seem hopeless? May you all have a great Easter, and maybe crack open the bible and read the final chapters of the 4 gospels contained in the New Testament. In this life, I have yet to read words written by man or prophet, in any religion, greater than the words of Jesus of Nazareth.

God bless, your friend – Thomas