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Thom Sequoia website Upgrades

Heya, hiya, ho there Matey’s!

Thought I’d get off the old duff, and add some pages to the Website / Blog.  So here it is.

I’ve changed the theme, and added a TS Bio page, a Photo’s page, a Touring page, and a  Media & Quotes page.

Please peruse pervasively with penultimate parsnips and petunias present, no matter how preposterous or preponderous perchance it may seem!

Yo Facebook

Recently a great friend and old roommate from college – Doug Carey- found me on Facebook. We were roommates at Ricks college in Idaho, an undisclosed number of years back into early American History…..

He’s from Ft Collins, CO, and I’m from the Bay Area, CA.
Crazily, we discovered that we now live a mile from each other in Springville, UT. we’d both looked for each other on and off through the years.

Doug and I got together a few times in the last month, and he reminded me of our nicknames. I remember calling him Dougy Deranged, but had forgotten he’d called me Tommy Zero. We used to pretend we were rock stars for fun, striking obnoxious rock star poses. Thus the names.

We even wrote a rock song, called Your Love Is Like A Nuclear Waste.
Dougy wrote the lyrics, and I put chords and helped put melody to it.

Somehow the song never quite made it into Glam rock fame, and neither did we!

Yo facebook, thanks for bringing back another friend into my life from the past.
(oh, and thanks to you to Dougy for thinking of me. You rock brother!)

QUIET TEXAS – Video by Thom Sequoia