Let’s see….what was that thing…..you know…..that thing you were gonna do.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m supposed to write a post in my blog! Dang, a full 2 weeks since my last post. Watcha, watcha, watcha gonna do?

Why do we blog anywho? Is it because we think we have something to say? I mean, if ya got a sentence to write, or a little blurb, it’s all Twitter baby. Or if it’s a thought or a few sentences to get out to ya posse, why not Facebook?

But to blog, oh to blog. well, i guess it will take a better man to answer these great mysteries of the Universe. Me, I’m just gonna predict the winner of the Super Bowl.

Ya see, it’s 45 minutes before game time, and I doubt anyone will read this before the game. But if you read this after, will awe at my incredible powers of prediction? Swoon at my incomprehensible skills of deduction?


I predict Sherlock Holmes is a great movie, and that Avatar will break all records for best selling movie of all time! What…..that already happened? Dang!

I predict Tiger Woods….never mind.

I predict Someone will win the super Bowl. And that of the winners, some players will say they owe it all to God. Doesn’t matter which team, they both will say God favored them.

I predict, that someone will get hurt in the game. PZ*%ng!

That Both teams will score touchdowns!

That either Drew Breez or Peyton Manning will be heralded as a hero of the game!

Well, that’s about it. Oh, and if the Saints win, it will be a big one for the city that took it hard in the chin during Katrina. And if the Colts win, it will be one for the legacy to add to the colts and Peyton Manning’s skillz and uncanny abilities.

I even predict someone will win, and someone will lose. That the winners will celebrate this very evening, and that the losers will be quite sad.

Of course, I also predict that the President of the US will try to take advantage of the popularity of the game, be being interviewed before hand, and that many companies will spend million $ fortunes trying to have the best Super Bowl commercial.

And Who will play at halftime?  Um…the Who will play at halftime.

All right, that just about sums up my predictions. To all my friends and sports fans, hope ya have a great game day.

P.S. this is not a prediction, but a guess……Colts will win 38 – 17

But it would be cool if it went instead Saints 34 – Colts 28….just because I like it when the underdog wins.