In some ways 2009 was a great year for me, and other ways it wasn’t quite what I hoped for.

But watch out 2010, cause here I come! So many great projects coming this year, here’s 2009’s best for Thom Sequoia, and 2010’s plan to rule the world…..o.k., maybe just rule the little space here surrounding me….yuk, yuk.

2009 Great Stuff:
*  First and foremost, my wife and 4 sons are healthy with no major ailments, and through the good and the bad we are surviving! Love you Kim, Jordan, Joshua, Riley, and Sully!

*  Though my parents are both passed on, I hope they are smiling on a cushy celestial cloud. And by the way, while your up there, if you happen to run into the Almighty there’s a few things here on planet Earth I sure wish he’d fix, like…..oh, sorry, that’s for a different sort of blog all together!

*  God bless my brother and sisters, Susan, Robert, Kathie, Cheryl – love ya. It was great to see you this year.

* My pals from the VDC – you all rock! As always, thank you so much for the trip to the Cali Redwoods and coast. Duece (Kyle), Hollywood (Neil), Nostalgia (Kenny), Wildman (Timlee), can you believe it’s been 30 years since that first hike we took into the cold dark mystical woods of Mirkwood together?

*  To all my friends, business associates, aquaintances, fellow musicians and music fans. Thanks for your friendships. May 2010 be the best year ever!

2009 Awesome Highlights for TS:

*  Though laid off from my job at Stores Online, I gained a much greater understanding and expertise of online marketing, website building, and ecommerce, and now have launched several online projects. Also got me more focused on my businesses of Upztart, Inc.,, and concert productions.

*  My oldest son Jordan got married to Sylvana. Wedding was awesome! You two are great! Saw my brother Bob, Vida, and my sisters Kathie and Sue at the wedding in Utah.

*  Through my business AcoustiHouse concert productions organized several shows and festivals, including Art City Days Festival, Movies & Music in the Arts Park concert series, an Acoustihouse Christmas, and assisted on the comittee with Art City Music Fest.

*  Got to perform at many concerts for both AcoustiHouse and elsewhere, and also share the stage or play at the same event with many great artists & bands, including:  Firefall, Moosebutter, Shane Jackman, Cherie Call, Greg Simpson, Kemari Rawlings & Sunset Ride, Sam Payne Band, Sam Keele, Kalai, Kirby Heyborne, Brother Chunky, Carl Harmon, Mad Max & The Wild Ones, Apeadeus, Lyle Hadlock, Amara Doxey, Lindsay Mauss and friends, Tim Larson & Heather Nichols, and many others.

*  Had a great fall drive with just Kim and I to Bridal Veil Falls, Heber, and Park City. (The summer drive to Bridal Veil Falls on the bench wasn’t too bad either! Smootch, smootch.)

*  My trip to California, the Bay Area, The Redwoods, the ocean, the VDC, staying at Kathie’s in Felton for a night, seeing Valhalla and Mrs. Jackson, going to the HS class reunion. September 2009.

*  Started on storyline and music score for video game Ship Of Skies with game studio L2 Games.

*  Started or re-started on projects: Indie Mocha, Indie All Stars, Upztart,, Thom Sequoia Music Blog, Thom Sequoia Facebook, etc. Did a hell of a lot of groundwork, research, and systems building to be able to launch several start-up projects  and businesses for 2010.

* Started Thom Sequoia Facebook page and got connected and re-connected with great friends – past, present, and future.

2010 Awesome Plans for TS:

* I look forward to a much better year financially. I still have a goal of becoming a millionaire. With all the great projects I’ll be doing, this will be the year to break through!

* Will release Thom Sequoia CD’s Ocean Blue, and Chasing Arizona

* Kemari Rawlings will be going to Nashville and recording the song No More Living For Tomorrow that we co-wrote, and it will be produced by Rod Riley, guitarist for Joe Nichols and Producer for many major country artists

* Sam Keele of the band Flashback Brothers, will be going to California the first week of January 2010 to work on his recording project, with producer / engineer Terry Lawless, who is the keyboard player for the band U2. He has requested to record the song for his project that I wrote called Running, which I co-wrote with Mark Ainge, Dave Cole, & Bill Webster.

* Will step up AcoustiHouse Concerts this year, adding many more events, and especially the summer mega festival Utah Music Fest, featuring the biggest names, bands, and Artists from Utah or with ties to Utah on both a national scale, and regional, etc.  This will be a very major event, with huge corporate sponsors.

There are too many Artists and bands to name, but some of the musicians we will talk to and invite to perform at the event include: David Archuleta, Brooke White, The Used, The Killers, Donny Osmond, The Aquabats, Stretch Armstrong, Air Supply, Diamond Rio, Royal Bliss, Jewel, Mary Beth Maziarz, The Red Bennies, Atherton, Shedaisy, Jesse Thurgood, Kurt Bestor, Sam Cardon, Michael Dowdle, Clive Romney, Kenneth Cope, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Cherie Call, Greg Simpson, Shane Jackman, Kemari Rawlings, Kirby Heyborne, Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band, Peter Breinholt, Sam Payne Band, Julie De Azevedo, Kalai, Maren Ord, Carey Judd, Craig Poole, David Tolk, Andy Shelton, Alex Boye, Fiddlesticks, Cori Conners, Kate Macleoud, Dave Heslington, Benton Paul, Debra Fotheringham, Rod Riley, Sam Keele, Brother Chunky, artie Hemphill & The Iron Horse Band, Los Hermanos De Los Andes, Monkey Grinder, Fire On The Mountain, Joshua Creek, Julianne Hough, Thom Sequoia…..and oh so many more!!!!!!

* Will launch,,, and

* Will release preview of video game project and accompanying book Ship Of Skies

* Will hopefully perform a benefit concert in California at Valhalla for Mrs. Jackson retirement and to raise money for the arts program at Irvington HS, in Valhalla – my alma matter. Also plan on hosting a music industry panel, and a Performing Arts workshop including Kathie Kratochvil, my sister and a professor at San Jose State University, and long time Actor, Director, and Arts advocate, as well as several other notables!

*  Will hug and kiss my dog Zorzio, tell my family I love them, sing a few songs, play some tunes, run on the beach, smell the exquisite forrest air, roll around on the ground, inhale the heady vapors of a wildflower meadow, watch the sunrise and sunset, and Thank God for an infinite universe full of the still undiscovered mysteries of life. Hope you do the same.

Goodbye 2009, Come On 2010!