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2009 – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (or is that the beautifully challenged?)

In some ways 2009 was a great year for me, and other ways it wasn’t quite what I hoped for.

But watch out 2010, cause here I come! So many great projects coming this year, here’s 2009’s best for Thom Sequoia, and 2010’s plan to rule the world…..o.k., maybe just rule the little space here surrounding me….yuk, yuk.

2009 Great Stuff:
*  First and foremost, my wife and 4 sons are healthy with no major ailments, and through the good and the bad we are surviving! Love you Kim, Jordan, Joshua, Riley, and Sully!

*  Though my parents are both passed on, I hope they are smiling on a cushy celestial cloud. And by the way, while your up there, if you happen to run into the Almighty there’s a few things here on planet Earth I sure wish he’d fix, like…..oh, sorry, that’s for a different sort of blog all together!

*  God bless my brother and sisters, Susan, Robert, Kathie, Cheryl – love ya. It was great Read more…

Thom Sequoia Blog Breaks Into Top 1 million Websites Worldwide!

We did it! Thanks to everyone who came to this blog and participated, we were able to break into the top 1 million websites worldwide within  only 3 months from first publish date. it is estimated that there are 350 million websites worldwide.

Todays alexa ranking shows as being at  #955,449!

Please check out the other two new posts here today, about the new AcoustiHouse website, and about the AcoustiHouse Christmas concert / Merit Academy fundraiser featuring Thom Sequoia, Shane Jackman, and Kemari Rawlings & Sunset Ride.

An AcoustiHouse Christmas / Merit Academy Fundraiser concert

Please come to our Christmas concert! Featuring Shane Jackman, Kemari Rawlings & Sunset Ride, Thom Sequoia, and some special guest teen performers! Wed. Dec 16, 7pm.

Details can be had here:

AcoustiHouse Productions New Website

It’s official. Been workin me henie off ta get da dang thing done. Please go check out the new website for AcoustiHouse Concert Productions. Yeah baby!

Help Thom Sequoia Blog break into top 1 million / 3 new videos

When I started this blog 2 moths ago, I had an Alexa ranking of 20,000,000. Alexa is an Internet data collection site that ranks U.S. and worldwide websites based on traffic (scaling across a 3 month peroid).

It is estimated that the total number of published websites in the world (including blogs) is around 350 million and climbing.  As of today my website for this blog ranking was at 1,022,984 worldwide, and 231,750 U.S..

HELP ME BREAK INTO THE TOP 1 MILLION!  All it will probably take to break into the top 1 million this week, is for you to tell one friend to click on the link to my site, and click there yourself once this week.

Granted, top 1 million in the world is a small accomplishment. It certainly isn’t top 10, or top 1000, or even top 100,000. But it is still in the top 3% of all websites existing.

So while your there, please enjoy my 3 new video’s posted. If you like any of the songs on the videos, let me know, as I’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Thanks for your friendship – Thom Sequoia

Thom Sequoia new demo acoustic video – New song “Quotients Of Fate”

O.K. TS music fans everywhere: I’ve posted a Youtube video of a very raw acoustic peformance in my home studio of the first single that will be released on the upcoming CD “Ocean Blue”.

The song is “Quotients Of Fate”. Please give it a whirl, and if you like it, share it with a friend. If you’re feeling generous, grab the embed code off of youtube, and post it on your facebook or MySpace page, and share it with your friends list.

Or maybe send out an email to your email list, and paste the url off of youtube (upper right corner – just copy and paste) – or better yet, here it is right here….

This is a full song acoustic demo. I am hoping to finish the actual studio recording of this song this month, and am working on an official video release of the song. (i.e. – much higher quality – not just an acoustic play through)

Next up, I will be posting 2 more video’s, a Thom Sequoia Sneak Peek Parts 1 & 2, over the next week or two. Each of these will be a 10 minute long video, featuring acoustic demo’s of 5-6 song snippets that will appear on the CD’s “Ocean Blue”, and “Chasing Arizona”.

I would love for you to help me spread the music, and reach a bigger audience by word of mouth.

Thanks to all those friends and fans who have supported my live concerts, and music over the years.