I talk to friends and family about the American Idol phenomena a lot. I have in the recent past bragged about how great Adam Lambert is, and how his first CD should be awesome.
But today I watched the video for the AMA awards 2009. His voice was o.k., and off key a few times. Worse, he used it as a propoganda platform to spread his smut, in the name of entertainment. During the performance, he had a male dancer stick hhis face near Adam’s crotch, Adam kissed his male keyboard player slobberilly, and put his hand and rubbed the crotch of a female dancer.
then there is David Archuleta. In a post of Nov. 24, 2009, david is captured singing a duet with his Mom Lupe, in a small concert setting. His voice is pure and angelic, and the performance brings tears to the eyes. David is a clean and wholesome kid, and his values shine through.
when did we get to the point that it wasn’t enough to entertain with talent, and instead we have to employ shock tactics and smut to try and wow a crowd?
David Archuleta and his mom get my vote every time!!!!!