As I have mentioned before, I own and organize AcoustiHouse Productions – a concert event promotion company that organizes, runs, produces, and books music festivals and events. Usually this is in the summer, but we are looking at doing another Christmas event in December.

Also, I have been hard at work with the project, selecting the top Artists and Bands in the world who are either unsigned or on Independent Record Labels. This project will have the website up and published in the next 2 months hopefully. The idea is to create a synergistic point of marketing for artists and bands to work together in creating leverage to increase their fan base and careers, and for the fans to have a trusted source of great music to discover new bands and artists around the world, without having to sort through the hundreds of thousands of not so good artists and bands that clutter the free internet.

Some of the recent artists and bands I’ve listened to that I highly recommend:

Ari Hest:   “Dead End Driving”

Jason Reeves:  “When Life Was Good”

Jessie Baylin:  “Was I On Your Mind”

Ellis Paul:  “Maria’s Beautiful Mess”

Shane Jackman:  “Sanctuary”

(Thanks Shane for asking me to perform on the album. I was able to sing harmony on “Raise My Eyes” along with Greg Simpson, and Cherie Call, and contribute in creating the harmony parts for the song “Simply Put”)

Mikal Blue:  “Heaven”

Adrina Thorpe:  “Impossible Dream”

Counting Crows:  “Promo video for Traveling Circus & Medicine Show”

( is showing them not signed to a major label – but unsigned now)

And just for good measure, here’s a few major artists with some cool new songs:

Foo Fighters:  “Wheels”

John Mayer:  “Who Says”

Sarah Mclachlan:

Happy listening.  Expect to see these and other great artists on my new music business project website

Coming soon to an interweb near you –


Thom Sequoia