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David Archuleta vs Adam Lambert

I talk to friends and family about the American Idol phenomena a lot. I have in the recent past bragged about how great Adam Lambert is, and how his first CD should be awesome.
But today I watched the video for the AMA awards 2009. His voice was o.k., and off key a few times. Worse, he used it as a propoganda platform to spread his smut, in the name of entertainment. During the performance, he had a male dancer stick hhis face near Adam’s crotch, Adam kissed his male keyboard player slobberilly, and put his hand and rubbed the crotch of a female dancer.
then there is David Archuleta. In a post of Nov. 24, 2009, david is captured singing a duet with his Mom Lupe, in a small concert setting. His voice is pure and angelic, and the performance brings tears to the eyes. David is a clean and wholesome kid, and his values shine through.
when did we get to the point that it wasn’t enough to entertain with talent, and instead we have to employ shock tactics and smut to try and wow a crowd?
David Archuleta and his mom get my vote every time!!!!!

Kemari Rawlings and Thom Sequoia Hit the studio for “No More Living For Tomorrow”

Went to the recording studio last night with Kemari Rawlings. We recorded a demo for the song we co-wrote, called “No More Living For Tomorrow”. It’s a vocal duet with Acoustic Guitar. Turned out really great!!!

We originally wrote the song in 45 minutes at the Art City Music Fest, a songwriting festival that had a day long collaboration of multiple artists and instrumentalists breaking off into groups and writing songs on the spot, then performing them that night. Since then we have tightened up the harmonies, and I re-wrote a few of the lines in the bridge, and the fourth verse.

If Kem agrees, I’ll maybe do a sneak peek week end  where you can listen to the demo track. The recording came out great!!!!!

Kem will be going to Nashville in the spring to do some recordings with her producer Rod Riley, who has played with Joe Nichols band, and I believe Gary Allen, and a whole lot of other great Country artists. We’re hoping that this song will get included on the album.

The duet is kinda cool, cause it’s like a crossroads, Kem being a great country singer, and my style being a little more Acoustic Rock with Americana vibes occasionally thrown in.

I’ll keep you posted.
Have a great day!

Thom Sequoia CD cover for Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue CD Cover

Here is the artwork for my hopefully soon (in Thom speak that means sometime this side of 2012) to be officially released CD “Ocean Blue”

The photo of me on the beach in front of the crashing waves is at Pescadero Beach in California, taken by my lifelong friend Neil “Hollywood” Burkhart, North of Santa Cruz, and South of Half Moon Bay.  the other photo is a shot overlooking the Santa Cruz inlet, where I used to hang out when I was younger, and where I slept in my van overnight just because the moon was strong, the sand and surf were subtle, and the stars were singing – a few years back on a visit to California to see my friends in the VDC, and my illustrious sister Kathie Kratochvil, of Theatre and Arts fame, a former director of the California Arts Project for the state of California and currently a professor at San Jose State University. (She has lived in the Felton/Ben Lomond area for many years.)

– TS