What – pray tell – is the difference between a pet mouse you buy in a pet store, and those little frisky critters that run around your house wild as they come in from the cold of winter to seek shelter?

One, we hold, and pet, and say how cute (some of us do anyway), the other we scream at and throw brooms!

Ah, the onset of winter has brought the wild little critters into my family abode, and alas Kim has me setting traps, because they do carry disease sometimes. So Once again – it’s the demise of the meeses – and probably rightly so.

But isn’t everything pretty much subject to our perspective – our world view? Do we see through a glass darkly? As Pilot famously asked Jesus, “what is truth?”.

so sometimes I think we are magnets to these little mice. They seem to like our family. Doesn’t matter if we move. Year after year. i could even say we are cursed! Why us? I hate killing things, including mice. why can’t we just get a break?

Or maybe that is the point! Who says it’s a curse? Isn’t that just a perspective? What if one of us in my family is really a pied piper? Or a Dr. doolittle? Maybe we send out a subsonic signal that only mice can hear, saying “Warm house. Good food. Apply within.”

When i was little, my mother Barbara always said I should become a vet, because animals were attracted to me, and dogs always seemed to like me – you know, like ones that would bite or bark at others would come up to me and sit in my lap. In fact, it still happens to me now.

Perspective. Probability.

If you could zoom out and see the block, would it show 250 mice in the neighborhood? 1000 mice in the fields? Biliions of mice on the planet? Don’t they all need a place to go?

We are only limited by our ability to see only what we think we see.

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