On my recent trip to The SF Bay Area, I stopped by my High School and visited Valhalla with me and the boys. We got to catch up with Mrs. Linda Jackson, who was our illustrious Theatre teacher, and has been championing the cause of the Arts for over thirty years. Our group of thespians and music teenagers was the first group she taught at Irvington.

I got to see most of the gang at the class of 79′ reunion, even though I was class of 80′. Including Jim Suth, Tony Pagan, Athena Duros, Gayle Thames, Lynne Anderson, Cheryl Kratochvil, Kyle dawson, Neil Burkhart, Tim Tyree, Ken Centers, Cindy Dawson, Keri Quade, Bev Hansen, Lisa, Laura…….and so many more I can’t name them all. It was great to see you all!

But back to Ms. J! Here’s a photo I took with her in Valhalla. I know she will be retiring in the next few years, and it sure would be great to do a benefit concert there in the next year to help raise money for the arts, being as how the State of California has cut budgets drastically in the college and public education systems.

What do you say California friends? Would you come?
Let’s do it!

Thom Sequoia and Linda Jackson at Valhalla 2009

Thom Sequoia and Linda Jackson at Valhalla 2009