Due to unrelenting pressure (you know who you are) ….from Allen…oh crap, I went and said it…..I am now posting the skinny on the weekends successful turn out for the very first Semi-annual Art city Music Fest.

The committee consisted of Allen Hughes, Carrie Hughes, Lyle Hadlock, Susan alleman, Kemari Rawlings, and myself (Thom Sequoia). I was able to help mostly with advice on the program to Carrie who did a great job of putting the program together, and also I helped write the press release, and sent it out to press and my list of artists and bands.

The event itself was a workshop, where artists, bands, musicians, and songwriters from all genre styles and all levels of expertise, got together and broke off into groups during the day, and wrote original music on the same day in collaboration, and then performed that evening for an audience open to the public. (How was that for one very long sentence?)

The turnout had at least 30 plus music participants, and
probably 150 audience attending the evening’s performance.

I got to write and perform with a few guys. We called ourselves “Leroy”, and had four guitars and four vocals, writing a song called “Running”, a la Eagles/Crosby Stills & Nash in style and harmonies. The guys were Thom Sequoia, Bill Webster, Mark Ainge, and Dave Cole. And we sounded pretty darn good for never having played together before Saturday!

Later in the day when all groups had broke off and already wrote a song, I realized Kemari Rawlings of Country fame had not been able to get with a group because she had to leave for a while and then come back.

So I convinced her we she write a song real fast for her to perform. We ended up writing a tune called “No more living for tomorrow”. It ended up being a duet, with me on the guit and her fiddle player from her band – Kevan Paul – jumping in on fiddle, and both of us singing. It turned out pretty good, and we got lot’s of amazed comments that we could sound that good on a song we just wrote in 45 minutes!!!!!

As a final note, I just have to say congrats to all those who came and participated. There sure was a lot of great talent, and some great budding talent. It takes guts to get up there and do something like this for those first timers. Good job everyone!!!!