This is my newly bloggable blog. Here I shall impart my oh so humble opinion of all things Thom Sequoia. I will even let ya all know now that I DO have the inside scoop on Thom, being as it’s me!
O.K. all you lovers of Thom Sequoia music. I truly appreciate all the great peeps who remind me why I continue to write songs and perform them in concert. I am making a more concerted effort to record my music, and make it available for all who want to hear it on the “internets”, as my buddy x prez Bush called it!
So just a quick note to all those wondering why my site has been down: I switched hosting a few months back and did a transfer from Host Karma to Go Daddy, as I have a bunch of domains through Go Daddy. Only problem is that my domain DID NOT get transfered properly, and now I’m endlessly having issues to get my name back from internet la la land!!!! So I may have to get my music website back up under the other domain I own, which is . Ah well, I hope that you enjoy this blog. I’ll try and keep it with posts at least once a week or more. And of course I vow to never ramble on…….NOT!