Yep. It’s official!

Today i took a quick drive into the canyon and saw the leaves beginning to turn these majestic mountains of Utah.
The summer season has ended, and though I only organizxed two events in the last few months for my business AcoustiHouse Concert Productions, I just don’t have the time to work on local events as much lately, as I am busily working on my national music and marketing companies.

Art City Days saw me organizing a downtown Musicfest, with 9 performers, and a Songwriting and Music Industry workshop, near the beginning of June, 2009.
For the past 7 years I’ve been organizing a downtown stage of bands and artists of all genres that lasts 2-4 days. But this year due to budget constraints on the City, and construction on the City building – the traditional location of the Festival – it went to the Spring Arts Park instead, and only had evening main performers. Fortunately, I was invited to perform on the stage one of these nights.

Next up, from July 7 to Aug 24, 2009, I organized and booked artists and bands to perform at the free Movies and Music in the Arts Park. I also had the privelege to be the MC / Host of this weekly event. Attendance was around 500 per concert and movie.

My most recent performance was at Sub Zero last Saturday night in Provo, near the BYU campus.

I plan on playing live September 19, 2009, at Art City Coffee, for a quick musicino expresso! Bello mi amore!

Then it’s break till October while I finish recording some tracks for my upcoming CD release.